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Book Banding Update

We use many different reading schemes across the school. This is to ensure that all children experience reading a wide range of texts. Currently, the books in the infant reading scheme use a coloured coded system. This is different from the ‘book banding’ colours that are sometimes used in other schools. To help you understand the current reading scheme, I have approximately correlated each Avenue reading scheme colour to the ‘book band’ colour.

Our colour – ‘Book band’ colour

Brown – Lilac/Pink

Purple – Pink/Red

Cream – Red

Pink – Yellow

Light Blue – Blue

Green – Green

Grey – Orange

Orange – Turquoise

White – Gold

 Yellow РWhite

We have just purchased a new reading scheme for reception which is ‘book banded’. We will be labelling the new books clearly with their colour so that you will be able see which ‘book band’ your child is reading. This is a lengthy process but in time we hope that we can update the reading scheme books in every¬†phase of the school. The books will then be relabelled clearly in the same way as the reception books so that you will be able to see progression through the texts.

At the start of the year, every child reads with their teacher or teaching assistant to provide a baseline assessment for their reading. This is to ensure that an appropriate level of book is provided for each child. We often find that some children experience a ‘dip’ in their reading confidence after the summer holidays. So you may find that they begin the Autumn term on a slightly lower band than they were on previously. This is monitored closely by the teachers and teaching assistants.