Monthly Archives: November 2014

iPad Apps

We use a variety of iPad apps to engage pupils and develop a range of skills such as computing, research, literacy and communication skills.

If you would like to use any of the apps at home, please find a list below. They should be available on other tablets, if not there will usually be a similar alternative:

Drawing and picture apps

Doodle Buddy


Pic Collage

Communication skills

Explain Everything


Puppet Pals

Sock Puppets


Writing, storytelling and brainstorming

Book Creator



Comic Life

Film Making


Stop Motion


Video Star

Coding/Computer Programming


Cato’s Hike




Daisy the Dino


e-Safety Parent Workshops

Thank you to all the parents who attended one of yesterday’s three e-Safety workshops. I hope you found the session informative and feel confident in how to approach and begin those all-important e-safety conversations with your children at home. Please find a PDF of the slides below.

If you would like to watch any of the parent videos from CEOP, please visit where you will find the videos watched yesterday, as well as some of the others discussed.

esafety parent workshop 20th Nov 14


Competition Time!

We have received a letter from a local author who is running a competition for children aged 8-11. He writes a series called ‘Alien Criminal Luke Evans’. He is currently writing the second series and wants a different robot to feature in each book. Here is where he needs your help…

The competition is for children to design a robot that is armed with a strange, powerful or special piece of technology.

He will pick ten winners from the entries and will allocate one robot to each of his new books. If the child wins, they will win a free copy of that book. We have also been given some bookmarks for the best robot designs from Avenue.

If this is something that you are interested in then please see the details on the website below. For your chance of winning a new bookmark please also show your entry to Miss Connell. I look forward to seeing some of your fantastic creations 🙂