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Read for my school – update 1

The competition for years 3-6 has now started and all the children are ready to do lots of reading this term. If you haven’t already logged in please do so. There are so many exciting and interesting books available to read! After a quick look today, I can reveal that the children at Avenue have made a fantastic start and have already read 136 books! Keep up the good work.



National Storytelling Week

National Storytelling Week is from 31st January – 7th February. This year we have organised a storyteller to come and visit the school. The Storyteller is coming in on the 19th January to help engage the children in storytelling and prepare them for children for National Storytelling Week. During the week, the children will complete a variety of storytelling activities in their year groups. If you want to know more information about National Storytelling Week and how you can get involved at home then please visit:



Read for my School Competition

We are writing to let you know that our school will be taking part in a national reading competition called Read for My School, which is open to all children in years 3 – 8 in England from January to March 2015. Children in years 3 -6 at Avenue will be able to take part in this competition.

The competition website is hosting a free online library of over 100 books by top children’s authors. If they participate then your child will be able to read those books online wherever they have internet access. New for 2015 the programme is fully compatible with most major tablets. Children can of course also choose to read books in print or that are not part of the online library – the goal is simply to read as much as possible this term.

There will be a rolling schedule of prize draws for individual children and whole schools who are doing well. What’s more major awards and prizes are available to be won by schools that can demonstrate wider success in nurturing positive attitudes towards reading. At Avenue we provide the children with lots of opportunities to read for pleasure and within the curriculum. We hope that the competition will increase the amount of time children spend reading during the spring term and beyond.

Any encouragement that you can give to your child that supports them as they try to read a little more this term would be invaluable, whatever form it may take. If they do participate in Read for My School fully then your child will reap benefits for themselves as well as for our school.

Your child was assigned a classroom reading group code, username, and password. If you would like to help your child access Read for My School at home, please follow these steps:

  1. Go to
  2. Select “Pupil Login”
  3. Enter your child’s classroom reading group code, username, and password and click Login

Once your child has successfully logged into the website they can actively engage in the competition. If you need additional assistance or support, we encourage you to explore the website further which offers detailed documentation to guide you and your child through the many aspects of the programme.

The competition starts on Monday 19th January and will continue throughout the spring term. The children in Y3 – 6 will receive login details in the next few days from their class teacher.