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Money Week 8th – 12th June 2015

Money week is a national activity week for primary and secondary schools. The aim is to increase the understanding of personal finance through a variety of activities, workshops, visits and investigations.
During this week lessons will be themed around a particular money topic such as saving, budgeting, spending etc.  There are also visits to the school from Metro Bank, HSBC as well as talks to some classes from business managers.  The week is full of great tasks, puzzles and games – all to develop financial understanding, financial competence and financial responsibility.
There is also the chance to enter the national competition which will be completed in school.
To help at home, you could talk to children about money:
. Where does money come from?
. Why do we need it?
. What can we do with it?
. How does it help us get the things that we need and want?

New Avenue Science Ambassadors (N.A.S.A!)

This term, every class from Year 1 – 6 has appointed two Science Ambassadors. These children volunteer their time and effort to help improve science teaching and learning at Avenue! During every topic lesson with a science focus , the children wear their lab coats to ensure that everyone is really aware of the science that is happening in their classroom. They also help their teachers to spot children who are demonstrating great ‘working scientifically’ skills and are extra eyes and ears for any potential health and safety issues!

science ambassadors year 5 & 6

     Some of our Year 5 & 6 Science Ambassadors

We held our first lunchtime meeting last week and the children were very keen to discuss what science learning had happened in their classes & what they think makes a great science lesson. When we next meet, we will be thinking about exciting science activities that we would like to try in school!